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NVLP October Member of the Month!

I bet you remember when I got the NVLP November Member of the Month Award last year, but this award is limited to one per year. This year, only one month earlier, I received this award for the second time, for which I am so grateful and happy.  

As you may know, I have been an avid participant and volunteer worker for/with the National Volunteer & Leadership Program (NVLP) since the start of my freshman year. I have many accomplishments with them. I happily volunteer with them every month to help donate various donations to people in our community, such as senior citizens and hospital workers.  


This time, I volunteered 40.2 hours in October, a more significant number than last year, where I earned the NVLP November Member of the Month Award for volunteering for 23.7 hours. During that month, I made Halloween cards, pumpkin ornaments, Thanksgiving wreaths, Thanksgiving cards, and Thanksgiving turkey decor. In addition, I did a Middle School Outreach Program session with NVLP. I taught middle schoolers how to make hand turkeys. 


A picture of me with my award!


As you can probably tell, I love volunteering and being a part of NVLP, and I plan to continue to be a willing and passionate member for the rest of my high school career. If you attend my school, I highly recommend joining NVLP, which provides the most volunteer hours out of any other club! 


- AnthroManTalks 

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