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Another Update on NVLP

Hi everyone! I haven’t talked about NVLP in a while as I was awaiting news about my Board application and waiting for PVSA distribution for my medallion and certificate. I ran for Vice President, Leadership Activities Coordinator (LAC), and Volunteer Activities Coordinator (VAC), and I, unfortunately, was rejected from all three.

NVLP gets many applications, and I bet it is hard to decide who to accept, and I was eliminated before interviews even happened. Usually, you apply for a position with an online questionnaire, and if you get accepted, you do an interview, and the final positions are determined. Unfortunately, I got no positions, but I always remember that rejection is just redirection. This redirection gave me enough free time to make my club, AnthroMinds, which you can find more information about at I will post more about AnthroMinds in a month or so.

For my Gold PVSA award, I was elated to obtain the award from NVLP the day before my sophomore year of high school started, and I volunteered 246.1 hours, even though the minimum requirement was 100 hours. However, for upcoming years, I must volunteer at least 250 hours to be eligible for more awards in the future due to my age.

A picture of my President’s Volunteer Service Award Certificate & Medallion!

Anyway, that is all I have for you guys today! I will have the final update on Sapiens coming out in 3 weeks! See you then!

- AnthroManTalks

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