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AnthroMinds’ Initiatives

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last talked about my non-profit organization, AnthroMinds, so I thought I'd update you on what we've been up to lately. Over the past few months, we've accomplished much to impact our community positively.

One of our recent achievements was hosting a guest speaker named Diana Pham. She spoke to us about the cultural factors that impact mental health in Vietnam. Diana has worked with Vietnamese communities and learned about the severe stigma surrounding mental health in the country. Her talk was enlightening and inspirational for all members of our club. We are currently working on inviting two more guest speakers to help raise awareness about mental health in our community.

A picture of our second guest speaker, Diana Pham!

We also presented a successful webinar at a local middle school to promote mental health awareness. Around 45 middle school students attended the webinar, during which we discussed the biological, social, and cultural factors that can impact mental health. We also addressed the issue of stigma and plan to add more information on managing academic stress in middle and high school. Our board had a great time presenting, and we look forward to presenting at other middle schools in our district soon.

Thanks for reading today's post! I know it's short, but I promise to share a longer and more in-depth update in the next two weeks. See you soon!

- AnthroManTalks

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