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Science Alliance & Lumiere

Hi everyone! The last time I talked about Science Alliance, I spoke about my experience and application for Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, and Mentor Trainer. Today, I will tell you the outcome and talk a little about the program I am attending this summer—the Lumiere Premium Research & Publication Program (PRPP)!

Regarding Science Alliance, they interviewed me, and everything went well. A few weeks later, I got an email offering me none of the positions I applied for. Instead, they offered me the place of a Board Intern. Unfortunately, I am sure this position is not as prominent in the club as the positions I applied for, but it was my only chance to be a part of the club, so I accepted. As a Board Intern, I oversee the club's backup mentors and ensure everything is in check for meetings. However, This still means that I am a part of the Science Alliance Board.

As I mentioned before, I am part of the Lumiere Premium Research & Publication Program (PRPP) and have had a blast. The program consists of a student and a mentor, and the student researches and writes a paper for publication. I will publish my literature review on cancer treatments, specifically cancers caused by BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations. My publication goals are to post in the Journal of High School Science or the National High School Journal of Science. I have my question, proposal, and outline of the paper, and tomorrow, I start writing the 15–20-page essay.

I am so excited about what lies ahead, and I cannot wait to share my research with you once it is published in a journal. I will also self-publish here on my blog! Thank you so much, and until next time.

- AnthroManTalks

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