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Science Alliance Update

Hey guys! As I have discussed, I am a part of Science Alliance, an after-school program in all my district's high schools created to pair curious and motivated 5th-grade students (buddies) with high school students (mentors). As you may recall, I was a backup mentor during my freshman year of high school, and now I am on the Board as Mentor Trainer. 


We just had our last meeting of the school year, and it was an extraordinary year filled with so much learning and growth! My fellow board members and I have witnessed the amazing planning and execution of various science projects, and we can't wait for all our mentor and buddy's work to culminate at the Science Fair next month. In addition, I applied to be the Vice President of Science Alliance next year, and I hope I get the role. However, I am still skeptical about that and hope to be selected.  


Being a part of this club and program has been an eye-opening experience, and I have loved getting to know each mentor and buddy in my element group (hydrogen). I hope to continue being a part of the club next year as a second-year Board member. I will have another blog post soon about my new book, Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed


- AnthroManTalks 

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