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The Science Alliance Program & Club

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Hi guys! As promised, here is another blog post as the last one was relatively short, as is this one. In my school district, There is a program known as Science Alliance, where high school students mentor 5th-grade buddies throughout the year, working on a science fair project. Each school in the district has a club called Science Alliance, so I decided to apply to become a mentor at the beginning of the school year. After applying, I was told I would be a backup mentor instead of a mentor, but this is okay because I am only a freshman.

I worked just like a regular mentor, except I did not have a buddy like them. Instead, I sat with a mentor and his buddy, becoming an assistant almost, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Moreover, in one session, a girl’s mentor was absent, so I substituted for the mentor, and I did a fantastic job helping my buddy with her background research paragraphs. The club was highly grateful for my efforts and quick response to the problem at hand, and I was thankful that I got an opportunity to be a mentor, even if it was only for a short while.

Yesterday, I submitted my application to become an officer next year for Science Alliance. I applied to be treasurer as my first choice, activities coordinator as my second choice, and mentor trainer as my third and last choice. The treasurer deals with club funds, buying snacks and materials for activities while staying on budget. The activities coordinator develops new and fun activities/mini experiments for the buddies to conduct each meeting. Lastly, mentor trainers train the many mentors of the club on what to do at each session, how to do it, and where the resources for completing things are.

I applied for all of these and eagerly await a response. However, if I do not get any of these officer roles, I can still be a mentor next year, which is an application I will submit at the beginning of my sophomore year. See you next time!

- AnthroManTalks

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