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The Tap Initiative

Today, I am here to talk about the new club I am bringing to my high school next year, called the Tap Initiative. The Tap Initiative originally began at a local private high school in my area, but it is now expanding to around 20 new schools, one of them being mine. I am the Lead for my high school and will act as President of the new club like my club, AnthroMinds.

The Tap Initiative helps cultural minorities locally and across the globe. For instance, we have monthly Tap Trips, where we go to a temple for 5 hours to do gardening, landscaping, and more. We also organize care packages for various organizations. We currently have a GoFundMe for the Bajrayogini Meditation Center in Nepal, which houses and provides education to over 200 students. The students have lost access to clean water with their water filter currently broken. Tap's money from fundraisers and donations this semester will get them a new filter. So far, we have raised $325 out of our $5,000 goal! We also provide high school students with volunteer opportunities, one being the monthly Tap trips.

Our Tap Initiative Logo!

While I cannot start my club in the middle of the school year, we have been advertising the club through flyers for member recruitment and Board applications. These are the member recruitment form and the board application form. You may only complete these applications if you attend my high school. That's all I have for today, so I'll see you in two weeks after finals! Good luck, everyone!

- AnthroManTalks

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