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An Update on School

Hey guys! Since I started school back in August, I have continued being in some clubs this year like I was last year, and I have a few updates for you guys regarding Science Alliance, the Anthropology Club, AnthroMinds, and NVLP!

Firstly, I was promoted from Board Intern to Mentor Trainer in Science Alliance. I will now teach mentors how to help and guide their buddies throughout the year-long process of creating and testing a science experiment to be presented at the Science Fair in April. Initially, I had the role of Board Intern because they liked me, but I didn’t want to have the position of Mentor Trainer because presenting in front of people is not a great skill of mine. However, when they offered me the position, it was the only way to solidify my role in the club, so I accepted. So far, it is fantastic because the training sessions are online, and we only train mentors once a month.

Next, in the Anthropology Club, I had my first medical anthropology meeting, and I will have another one this semester. Next semester, there will probably be more of my medical anthropology meetings if more people like those. We have weekly meetings and a pizza party at the end of the school year, which we are all excited about. Our weekly meetings consist of lessons and fun games, such as a Kahoot, a Blooket, an escape room, etc.

For my club, AnthroMinds, which focuses on mental health under the scope of medical anthropology, we have meetings every two weeks to ease the load on my shoulders, especially since I have a lot of volunteer work and academic work to complete. We just had a fundraiser where we made $100, which will go toward our next meeting’s activity. We will be doing an art project where high school students can draw or create a piece of art representative of what mental health is to them. If they do not want to do this, they may also participate in a live or online discussion (which is open to everyone, not just people at my high school; go to for more information).

Lastly, I am still in the National Volunteer and Leadership Program (NVLP), retaining my crown as the individual with the most hours currently by a margin of about 15 hours more than the second-highest person. I ended last year with about 25+ more hours than the second and third-place winners, and I thoroughly enjoy creating cards, bookmarks, and crafts and donating clothes, water, food, and other necessary things. I have around 65 hours right now and am working to reach my goal of 250+ hours to get my President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) again!

These are my updates for you guys, and I will see you soon, in about 2-3 weeks. See you then!

- AnthroManTalks

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