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The Tap Initiative April Trip #1

Hi guys! Last month, I attended my third Tap Initiative Trip at the same local temple that I went to before. However, this trip was the Castro Valley’s event, while the new Native American center is Quarry Lane's event. Today, I will talk about my experience at the local temple and what we did to help for the second time! 


We were instructed to clear a pathway to their shed with electrical wires and such from their solar panels, which I believe power their land. I arrived at 10:30 am, and it lasted until 3:30 pm. We started by clearing the path using shears and gloves, finding that pulling the weeds and grass with our bare hands was seemingly better.  


This took us to lunch at 12:30 pm, where we had pizza. Next, we started clearing an even longer path to their fruit trees, and we discovered a chainsaw that made the process go by much faster. We finished that and started on another section of their garden, where we trimmed the plants and uprooted the weeds. 

A picture from our April Tap Trip #1! 


My second Tap Trip was such a fun experience, and I cannot wait to talk about helping cultural minorities at our Native American center, where we did all sorts of things for organizing and labeling a few weeks ago. I will write about it soon!  


- AnthroManTalks 

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