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The Tap Initiative January Trip

Hi guys! Last month, I attended my first Tap Initiative Trip that the Directors Team organized at a local temple needing our services. We go to a new place every semester of the school year, so from February onward, we will be at another institution. However, today, I will talk about my experience at the local temple and what we did to help. 


We were instructed to clear out one of their many buildings, filled with heavy items, most notably beads and receipts. My friend and I arrived at 10:30 am, and it lasted until 3:30 pm, but we left at 1:30 pm. We started by clearing out the building, and the things sitting there had seemingly been there for years. Covered in rat and mouse feces, the boxes were heavy and difficult to move, but we successfully did it. The most enduring part was taking out these barrels filled with heavy beads. We couldn’t lift the barrels and had to roll them across the floor to get them out. 


This took us to lunch at 12:30 pm, where we had pizza. We then returned the receipts to their main building and helped them store and organize them into cabinets. Later, we saw their fantastic book collection and were instructed to take book series and put them into boxes. Once we did that, it was time for us to go.  


A picture from our January Tap Trip!

My very first Tap Trip was an enlightening experience, and I cannot wait to go to our new facility to help cultural minorities at a Native American center, where we will be doing all sorts of things for organizing and labeling. I will write about it soon! 


- AnthroManTalks 

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